Boxcar 665 Returns to Alturas

It’s with great joy we announce the donation of former NCO boxcar 665 from the San Luis Obispo Railroad Museum. Museum Curator, Brad LaRose, had been in contact with me for some time discussing the possible donation of the car body to our society. Early fall finally saw the moment we could get in and move it back to Alturas. Several volunteers from the NCO made the trek down to San Luis Obispo to get the body prepped and loaded. Thanks to the assistance by Luis’ Crane and S Power Transport, it took little time to get the body loaded and on the road. The Museum was also kind enough to donate a Southern Pacific standard gauge work cart, switch stands, and other materials that will assist us in future restoration work.

It has been a pleasure working with Brad during this process. He has been a mentor to me as I worked through founding our society, helping guide me through the process of getting us off the ground. I’d like to give a big thank you to him, and all the volunteers of the San Luis Obispo Railroad Museum, who helped us successfully move boxcar 665.

Roof view of box car
The body of box car 556 in San Luis Obispo.