Compiled by Tom Armstrong

December 12, 1879 The “Western Nevada Railroad Company” incorporated.
June, 1880 “The Nevada and Oregon Railroad Company” incorporated in place of the “Western Nevada Railroad Company.”
April 25, 1881 The “Nevada and Oregon Railroad Company” incorporated after “The Nevada and Oregon Railroad Company” (notice that the word “The” was dropped) defaulted in complying with a provision of its charter.
May 28, 1881 First spike driven in Reno, on the Nevada and Oregon Railway.
September 27, 1881 The famous stockholders meeting held in Reno, in which two men were shot. Squire Scoville died and Daniel Balch recovered. The trial saw the first use in Nevada of a typewriter to produce a transcript of a trial.
October 2, 1882 First operations begin, with service to Oneida, Calif.
April 17, 1884 The “Nevada and Oregon Railroad Company” sold through foreclosure to the Moran Brothers (the railroad was not incorporated, but was sometimes called the “Nevada and California Railroad”).
December 8, 1884 Rails extended to Junction House, Calif. (37 miles).
October 1, 1885 The “Sierra Valley and Mohawk Railroad” was incorporated.
August, 1887 Work halted on the incomplete Sierra Valley & Mohawk RR.
March 31, 1888 The “Nevada-California-Oregon Railway” was incorporated.
June 6, 1888 Rails reached Doyle, Calif. (57 miles).
September 10, 1888 Rails reached Liegan, Calif. (70 miles).
November, 1890 Service began to Amedee, Calif. (About 80 miles).
June 1, 1900 Service began to Termo, Calif. (About 130 miles)
January 1, 1893 The Moran Brothers railroad property was sold to the “Nevada-California-Oregon Railway.”
January 17, 1895 “Sierra Valley and Mohawk Railroad” was sold to the “Sierra Valleys Railway Company” (which had been incorporated on January 5, 1895).
June, 1896 Service began to Clairville, Calif. on the completed SV&M RR.
June 21, 1899 Famous wreck on SV&M RR, which killed engineer Chambers.
March 14, 1901 The “Sierra Valleys Railway Company” sold through foreclosure to the Nevada-California-Oregon Railway, but operations continued under the SVRY name.
April 1, 1902 Service began to Madeline, Calif. (about 144 miles).
May 4, 1903 SVR reached Clio, Calif.
October 1, 1907 Service began to Likely, Calif. (About 164 miles).
December 1, 1908 Service began to Alturas, Calif. (About 185 miles).
1909 Western Pacific Railway completed.
January 10, 1912 Service began to Lakeview, Oregon (238 miles).
July 1, 1911 The “Sierra and Mohawk Railway Company” (incorporated by the N-C-O Ry. On June 14, 1911) took over operations of the “Sierra Valley Railway Company.”
March, 1913 Fernley & Lassen Railway crossed the N-C-O at Wendel, Calif.
January 1, 1915 The “Sierra and Mohawk Railway” sold to the N-C-O Ry.
1915 Locomotives and rolling stock purchased from the Florence & Cripple Creek Railroad.
August, 1916 Plumas Branch extended to its final terminus at Davies Mill, Calif.
June 11, 1917 Southern 103 miles (including the Sierra Valley branch) sold to the Western Pacific Railway (narrow gauge operations ended on January 30, 1918).
October 31, 1922 Service between Wendel and Hackstaff (16 miles) discontinued.
October, 1926 Southern Pacific Railroad acquired control of the N-C-O Ry.
October 24, 1927 Standard gauge operations began from Wendel to Alturas.
May 27, 1928 All narrow gauge service ended with completion of standard gauging to Lakeview.
September 15, 1929 The new Modoc Line (Klamath Falls to Wendel) opened.