The original N-C-O Railway has never had a book published that documents solely the history of the narrow gauge railway. As a newly formed historical society, we have worked with members to compile the below list of known published sources that contain information and images related to the N-C-O.

The below bibliography is a start to a continuous effort to list all published works with material related to the railway. This list will be updated as materials are verified. The below publications may have incomplete information as many of these books are out of print and have not yet been acquired by the historical society.

First Printed March, 2022

Published Sources

Myrick, David (1992). Railroads of Nevada and Eastern California. Reno, NV: University of Nevada Press.

Notes: Volume 1: N-C-O Railway pages 341 to 383; Sierra Valleys Railway pages 384 to 397.
Volume 3: The final years of the N-C-O Railway pages 97 to 112; Sierra Valleys Railway pages 117 to 137.

Myrick, David (1955). Nevada-California-Oregon Railway. San Mateo, CA: The Western Railroader.

Burrell, O. K., Myrick, David (1955). “Cow-Country Narrow-Gauge.” Railroad Magazine, Volume 66, no. 6 (October 1955).

Notes: Brief history of the N-C-O with images, Pg. 40-43.

Bowden, Jack; Dill, Tom (2002). The Modoc: Southern Pacific’s Back Door to Oregon. Hamilton, MT: Oso Publishing Company.

Notes: History on the N-C-O pages 11 to 46

Culp, Edwin (1973). Stations West, The story of the Oregon Railways. New York, NY: Bonanza Books. 

Notes: N-C-O brief history with pictures pages 146 to 147

Ferrell, Mallory Hope (1982). Southern Pacific Narrow Gauge. Edmonds, WA: Pacific Fast Mail.

Notes: several images and rosters of N-C-O rolling stock that was transferred to the SPNG.

Ferrell, Mallory Hope (1967). Rails, Sagebrush and Pine. San Marino, CA: Golden West Books.

Notes: Pg 46/47 minor reference to NCO with image of engine No. 5. Pg 104 has image of NCO engine No. 4 as Sumpter Valley Ry engine No. 3

Hungerford, John (1956). The Slim Princess: the story of the Southern Pacific Narrow Gauge. Raseda, CA: Hungerford Press.

Notes: Multiple images of former N-C-O locomotives transferred to the SPNG.

Barry, Patricia (1982). The Journal of the Modoc County Historical Society, no. 4.

Notes: The entire journal is dedicated to the history of the N-C-O with five separate entries.

Garate, Donald T. (1975). Red Rock to Ravendale. Memories of a northern California Community. Sanger, CA: Word Dancer Press.

Notes: A detailed history of the southern portion of the Madeline Plains with some brief history and images of the N-C-O

Garate, Donald T. (1982). Termo to Madeline. Susanville, CA: Graphic Dynamics.

Notes: A detailed history of the northern portion of the Madeline Plains including N-C-O history and images.

Purdy, Tim I. (1983). Sagebrush Reflections. The history of Amedee and Honey Lake. Stamford, CN: Distributor Publications.

Notes: A detailed history of the Honey Lake valley including history of the N-C-O and images.

Martineau, Paul (1982). Nevada-California-Oregon. Newsletter of the Southern Pacific Narrow Gauge Society, Volume 1 (Issue 3).

Notes: Article on page 6 w/ photo of ex-NCO/ex-FCC boxcars on page 7.

Signor, John (2000). Southern Pacific’s Shasta Division: Over a Century of Railroading in the Shadow of Mt. Shasta. Berkley, CA: Signature Press.

Notes: few paragraphs on NCO history with station list from Wendel to Lakeview.

Signor, John (1982). Rails in the Shadow of Mt. Shasta: 100 Years of Railroading Along Southern Pacific’s Shasta Division. Berkley, CA: Howell-North Books.

Notes: Pg 117 is an NCO map; Pg 240 picture of the Alturas depot.

Hilton, George W. (1990). American Narrow Gauge Railroads. Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press.

Notes: Pg 326-328 documents a brief history of the railway. Pg 321 has a map including the NCO route.

Trains Magazine (2014). The Historical Guide to North American Railroads, 3rd Edition. Waukesha, WI: Kalmbach Media.

Notes: Pg 202 has a full page history of the NCO with map and photo of engine No. 14.

Fickewirth, Alvin (1992). California Railroads. San Marino, CA: Golden West Books.

Notes: Starting on Pg 88, a short history of the NCO along with image of train at Reno depot. Pg 141 has a short history of the Sierra Valley Railway.

Keilty, Edmond (1988). The Short Line Doodlebug: Galloping Geese and Other Railcritters. Glendale, CA: Interurban Press.

Notes: Pg 86 shows images of the two Meister cars built for the NCO. Pg 87 shows images of, “stretch open touring cars” Martha and Helen.

Thode, Jackson C. (1986). George L Beam and the Denver and Rio Grande: Volume II. Marlborough, MA: Sundance Publishing.

Notes: Pg 254-257 includes three photos of Sierra Valley trackage taken by G. L. Beam.

Dunscomb, Guy L. (1963). A Century of Southern Pacific Steam Locomotives. Self Published.

Notes: Pg? contains the NCO locomotive roster.

Diebert, Timothy S. and Stapac, Joseph A. (1987). Southern Pacific Steam Locomotive Compendium. Santa Clara, CA: Shade Tree Books.

Notes: Pg 284/285 contains locomotive roster with possibly the first reference to engine No. 8 as having originally been NCO second No. 4.

Lee, Marie (2021). “The Goose Lake 55.” Range Magazine, Spring 2021.

 Notes: History on the Alturas to Lakeview line of the old N-C-O.

Bilodeaux, Jean (2020). “Working on the Railroad.” Ruralite Magazine, December 2020.

Notes: Brief overview of the creation of the N-C-O Railway Historical Society.

Starr, Shane (2021). “275 Miles of Rail.” The Ag Mag, Fall 2021.

Note: Brief history of the N-C-O with images with mention of the historical society.

Published Sources Related to Model Railroading

Robson, Rob, “The Reno Branch.” Railroad Model Craftsman, 67, no 3 (August 1998) Pg. 86-95

Notes: Article on the history of the Reno Branch from N-C-O to UP with photos and maps.

Robson, Rob, “Modeling the Reno Branch.” Railroad Model Craftsman, 67, no 4 (September 1998) Pg. 59-67

Notes: Suggestions on how to model the geography of the Reno Branch with layout diagrams.

Jennison, Brian, “Reno Bound!” Railfan and Railroad Magazine 17, no 9 (September 1998) Pg. 32-38

Notes: Details on UP operations over the Reno Branch including maps and early history.

Sloan, Robert (1993). Narrow Gauge Data Book. Atascadero, CA: NTRAK Publishing.

Note: Pg 48 begins a section on N-C-O rolling stock. Other sections contain details on F&CC rolling stock.

Armstrong, Tom, “The Nevada California Oregon Railway.” Narrow Gauge & Shortline Gazette 10, no. 4 (September/October 1984): Pg. 52-56

Notes: History along with list of available plans for modeling rolling stock of the NCO

Gebhardt, Ed, “N-C-O 4-6-0 second number #4.” Narrow Gauge & Shortline Gazette, 18, no. 5 (November/December 1992) Pg. 50-51

Notes: Plans on second locomotive No. 4

Armstrong, Tom, Letter submitted to the Pigeon Hole. Narrow Gauge & Shortline Gazette, 19, no. 1 (March/April 1993) Pg. 6

Notes: Letter from Armstrong mentioning a locomotive tender on a ranch south of Alturas.

Cass, Edward, “Nevada-California-Oregon Numbers 9 and 10.” Narrow Gauge & Shortline Gazette 32, no. 1 (March/April 2006) Pg. 54-55

Notes: ¼” scale drawing of locomotives 9 and 10

Roberts, Mike, “Restoring West Side Lumber Company Tank Car #5.” Narrow Gauge & Shortline Gazette, 32, no. 2 (May/June 2006) Pg. 32-35

Notes: Article on the acquisition of former NCO coffin tank car #0-12 by Sumpter Valley Ry.

Poli, Bob, “Modeling West Side Lumber Company Tank Car #5.” Narrow Gauge & Shortline Gazette, 32, no. 2 (May/June 2006) Pg. 36-39

Notes: documents the process for building a 1:20.3 scale coffin car.

Burton, David P., “A day on the Modoc Line.” Pacific Rail News, no. 304 (March 1989) Pg. 17-19

Notes: rebirth of the Modoc Line through the SP/Rio Grande merger

Fox, Wesley, “The Alturas Cutoff.” CTC Board, no. 67 (January 1981) Pg. 8-11

Notes: A brief look at SP operations on the Modoc Line